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Exposed Fastener Rainscreen

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Exposed Fastener Rainscreen

System depth = 1.375"

System Components

  1. Exposed Color Matching Fasteners
  2. 10mm (3/8”) MEG panel with an option for 8mm or 12mm
  3. Hat Channel
  4. J Channel
  5. Waterproofing
  6. Sheathing, CMU, Concrete, Brick, Studs, Sub-framing or other wall structures

When to use

Your MEG 1500 system will ship within 4-6 weeks from order placement. Your order can be shipped via van trailer or flatbed service, whichever you prefer. The large size, shape and weight of MEG 1500 panels may require that you be equipped with a forklift and/or the manpower needed to off-load the panels upon delivery.


If you feel that you are not set up to off-load the panels from a vantrailer, we suggest you consider using a flatbed service. Flatbeds offer various access points, making it easier to off-load MEG 1500 panels.